Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Ground Water

When water enters your home suddenly through the basement walls, foundation or floors it is usually ground water. This basement had over 5 feet of water prior to arrival. A trash pump was used to remove thousands of gallons prior to the use of a smaller submersible pump. Once the water has lowered to around 1/4" we then use our truck mounted unit to extract the remaining standing water... this method is much easier and quicker than a shop vac! With ground water the cleanup involves removal of silt that has seeped into the basement. All areas are cleaned and disinfected with an antimicrobial and pressure steam followed by the installation of drying equipment. 

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Storm Damage Cleanup

Some water losses require more labor than others. This basement required extensive cleanup due to 6+ feet of water upon arrival. Once the water was pumped out the dirt that seeped in from outside due to excessive ground water required hand excavation followed by a great deal of cleaning. 

Sewer & Drain Backup

Sewage backups should be dealt with as quickly as possible to prevent further damage. Our team has the most adequate equipment and the rich experience required for a quick and efficient intervention. Personal protective equipment, antimicrobial and high pressure cleaning/ extraction equipment is used to clean and disinfect affected materials. 

Storm Damage Cleanup

A recent rain storm caused this basement to flood with rain water and silt. The water was pumped out and then all floors were treated with a plant based antimicrobial and cleaned with pressure steam from a truck mounted system.